A Better, Simpler Solution

Updating and managing your product information and visuals should never be confusing or overly time-consuming. But far too often, it is. Don’t avoid giving your retailers the visuals and descriptions they need to sell your products. Instead, empower them by using an end-to-end system that makes your job and theirs easy and convenient – XSPACE.

With XSPACE, your brand will capture, create, and manage product descriptions and attractive product images, all while saving you time, money, simplifying your process, and providing better information to your retailers.

What is in it for you?

Save Time
Don’t waste your time managing an outdated and time-consuming platform. XSPACE’s end-to-end solution will save your company time by eliminating needless manual inputs required by other systems. Our responsive platform also improves communication and allows you to collaborate directly with your retailers, partners, and other manufacturers.
Save Money
Simply put, with XSPACE, your brand will save an average up to 70% on your product visuals compared to competitors, while getting better images of your products that your retailers and end consumers will love.
Stuck trying to manage an internal system that you constantly have to update? XSPACE simplifies your job by giving you a single, intuitive platform that connects your products with your retailers and minimizes the need for manual updates.
Give Retailers More
XSPACE gives you more options at a fraction of the price. We make capturing high-quality images easy and affordable, and we offer 2D, 360-degree, 3D, and augmented reality options. With instant updates, your retailers will also immediately receive new information and images that are automatically uploaded to their website.

Provide Product Information

After signing up for an account, provide us with information for your product(s) by completing our product information form.

Upload Photograph

Send your item to Prisma headquarters to be scanned and photographed. Prisma will handle all photo corrections.

Mark Approved

With photos and information now in our database, all you have to do is approve & it is ready for retailers to use.

Simplify Your Business.

Save Money.

Sell More.